Game rules

§1 One account per player

Each player is allowed only one account per game world, with the exception of the account sitting feature. Sharing your password with another player on any world you play is forbidden. Accounts on the same connection should not share the same password. Multi accounting is strictly forbidden.

§2 Communication

All communication must be in English(*). Any private mail/profile/tribe reported may be punished if this is not followed.

* We do allow you to communicate with other players in your own language provided that they know the language your speaking. A short phrase in another language is permitted on your profile, provided that this is translated to English either directly following or preceding it. Support tickets must also be created in English, otherwise we will not reply. Internal communication between tribe/friends Is allowed to be in a different language.

No profanity, abusive comments, real life threats, pornographic content, sexually explicit comments (e.g. STD's, political extremism), or other illegal content like spamming links to other games is allowed. This relates to private mails, personal or tribal profiles, village or tribal names, or any other medium available within the game. Just because it is in the dictionary does not mean it is allowed. (Support will have the final say on what is permitted)

§3 Bots and Scripts

All scripts found in this thread are the only ones legal to be used on this server.
Greasemonkey scripts are forbidden. Tribal Wars should be played with a normal browser only. Bots, browser add-ons and other applications that automate game activities are forbidden. If you are unsure in anyway please send in a ticket and ask

§4 Language

Tribal Wars is an English game. The use of external communication needs to be in English. This means all profiles, mails, and any other publication or communication must be in English. A short phrase in another language is permitted, provided that this is translated to English either directly following or preceding it. Support tickets must also be created in English, otherwise we will not reply. Internal communication (between tribe/friends) Is allowed to be in a different language.

§5 Co Playing

Co playing is allowed.
Sitting where used must be set correctly using the account sitting function within the game. No interaction will be allowed whilst sitting is in place and for 24 hours after.
if you wish to create a new account/or join an already existing account in the same world the old-account must be totally deleted or the current owner must change the password.

§7 Speed Specific Rules

  • One Account per computer per round.
  • Sharing must be set up immediately upon entry.
  • You can only play one account per round.

§9 Inter Server Specific Rules

Co playing is allowed.
You are allowed to play for any team you choose. The team pick is up to the Team captain & Community Manager.
Only .net allowed scripts are allowed during the tournament.
You can be considered a cheater if you regularly perform simultaneous actions impossible for humans in the same second. (Ex. 5 commands & 1 building put in queu).

Note: Cheaters will be banned from their current round and extra sanctions for the country team will be given.

§10 Miscellaneous

  • Anything you write may be used as evidence against you in an appeal. We will not accept it if you later say that you were joking.
  • If you experience a bug you must immediately report it to the support team. Failing to do so may result in a punishment.
  • Inactive accounts may be deleted after a period of 14 days.
  • Banned accounts will be deleted in 14 days in the majority of cases.
  • We do not refund premium to players who are banned for breaking our rules.
  • Impersonating members of staff will result in a permanent ban on your account.
  • Knowingly benefiting from another player breaking the rules will also lead to actions being taken against your account. If you think you have benefited from a breach of rules, you must report this.
  • It is forbidden to buy, sell or offer accounts, resources or ingame services on eBay or any other medium.
  • It is forbidden for more than one player to be logged in to an account at the same time. Manipulating your browser in order to be logged into an account when it would not normally be possible is forbidden.